Import Services

If you import goods into Australia, you will need to be aware of Customs and duties, import GST, import permits, prohibitions, quarantine permits and treatments that apply to imported goods.

Alpha Cargo Solutions provides importers with the following;

  • Benefit of a local brokerage that can obtain favorable freight rates through associations and networks already established.
  • In-depth Tariff knowledge to assist importers to legally minimize duty whilst avoiding penalties for incorrect payment of duties.
  • Knowledge in the best methods of freighting and options available
  • Relieve clients of complex Customs, Quarantine and other Governmental requirements.

The most important process in deciding whether to import goods is to determine if a feasible market for those goods exists.

The market for any product depends upon its desirability and its price. While the product may be desirable for any number of reasons, the market potential cannot accurately be determined until you can ascertain how much it will cost to fully land your goods into store with all charges paid. These costs plus your overhead expenses and profit margin will determine the resale price of the imported goods. We can provide importers with a full landed costing breakdown prior to importation that avoids costly errors and unknown charges so that you are completely aware of all parameters.

For all import consignments we will require the following information. This is for Customs purposes.

  •  Approximate no of items, weights and dimensions.
  •  Bill of Lading or AirWaybill and supporting transport documentation.
  •  Packing List, Packing Declaration and any additional supporting information.
  •  Commercial Invoice supporting value.