Customs Clearance Services

All commodities entering Australia must be declared to Customs and appropriately “assessed” prior to being released. Once applicable duties and taxes are paid the cargo is then available to the importer.

Alpha Cargo Solutions relieves all clients of the complex task of Customs Clearance and commodity classification.

An in-depth Tariff knowledge combined with years of practical experience allows us to assist you legally minimise import duty/gst whilst avoiding penalties for the incorrect payment of duty.

Through our direct electronic link to Australian Customs we prepare Customs Declaration documents and electronic submissions in advance, calculate and pay duty, taxes and excises on behalf of the client and facilitate communication between the importer/exporter and governmental authorities.

Allow us to process the Customs Clearance of your air-freight and sea-freight quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Insurance Services

Whenever goods are being transported there is a risk, and this risk could result in cargo loss or damage. It is for these reasons and the law of general average (a legal principal of maritime law) that we recommend all shipments are insured.

Whilst the general principals of insurance are not difficult, claims and settlements can be quite laborious.

Alpha Cargo Solutions can arrange and prepare insurance certificates on your behalf for all shipments no matter the size or value.